Do you want to discover one of the most iconic parts of Barcelona? The Gracia district is the place for you. It is located right in the heart of Barcelona and strikes a surprising balance between the old and the new. Artistic graffiti, historic buildings and squares with their own unique personality all coexist to create a perfect atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.

Barcelona’s Gracia district has a wide range of gastronomic offerings, cultural activities to suit all tastes, many squares and green spaces, a wealth of architecture, art galleries, workshops, boutiques… you name it! And this is what distinguishes Barcelona’s Gracia district from other parts of the city: its diversity. Want to know more?

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Where is the Gracia district in Barcelona?

The Gracia district is located at the upper end of the Eixample district, just north of Barcelona’s city centre. This charming and vibrant neighbourhood is known for its bohemian atmosphere, art-filled narrow streets, cosy squares, and a large variety of bars, restaurants and independently owned shops.

It was once an independent village until it was incorporated into the city of Barcelona in the 19th century with the expansion of l’Eixample. Today, Gracia is especially famous for its street festivals, with the Festa Major de Gracia in August being one of the most prominent events, where the streets are spectacularly decorated.

What does Barcelona’s Gracia district have to offer?

Wondering what to see in Barcelona’s Gracia district? Here are four essential places that you absolutely must visit.

La Gaudí Experiència

gaudi experience barcelona

The Gaudí Experiència is a unique interactive centre dedicated to the life and work of the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí. Located in the Gracia district, this space offers a deep immersion into Gaudí’s universe through modern technologies, such as 4D projections and interactive screens.

The main experience is a 4D projection that immerses visitors in Gaudí’s creative world, exploring his natural inspirations, his innovative design methodology and the iconic works he left as a legacy in Barcelona and beyond.

In addition to the cinematic experience, visitors can interact with touch screens that provide detailed information about Gaudí’s life, his works, and his influence on modernist architecture. The Gaudí Experiència is an educational and entertaining tour for all ages, ideal for anyone looking to better understand the mind behind some of the world’s most fascinating structures.

La Casa Vicens

casa vicens barcelona gaudi

Casa Vicens, located in the heart of the Gracia district, is Antoni Gaudí ‘s first great architectural work and marks the beginning of his extraordinary career.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this masterpiece of Catalan Modernism was built between 1883 and 1885 as a summer home for the Vicens family.

When visiting Casa Vicens, visitors can admire the innovative use of ceramics, wrought iron and wood, elements that Gaudí masterfully integrated to create a work that stands out for its originality and rich adornment.

The house is marked by its vibrant colours, its inspirations in natural and oriental forms, and a harmonious fusion of styles that anticipate Gaudí’s creative genius.

Visit Parc Güell

parc guell barcelona

Parc Güell is one of Antoni Gaudí’s most emblematic creations, located in the northern part of the Gracia district, it offers a unique blend of nature and modernist architecture.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is full of colourful mosaics, organic shapes and structures that look like something out of a fairy tale. The famous salamander at the entrance, popularly known as “the drac“, is just one of the many details that capture the imagination of visitors.

From its wide squares and winding paths to the impressive terrace viewpoint, where you can admire panoramic views of the city, Parc Güell is a testament to Gaudí’s genius and a magical place offering an unforgettable experience to all visitors.

El Mirador del Adrià

views barcelona

The Mirador de Adrià, located at the top of Park Güell, is one of those special places in Barcelona that offers a unique perspective of the city. From this elevated viewpoint, visitors can admire a panoramic view stretching from the Mediterranean to the hills that surround the Catalan capital.

This viewpoint owes its name to the fact that it is located in a less crowded area and at a higher altitude than Park Güell itself, which gives it an atmosphere of tranquillity and the opportunity to view Barcelona from a privileged height.

Although not as well known as other viewpoints in the city, the Mirador de Adrià is a hidden treasure for those looking for a breathtaking view of Barcelona, away from the crowds.

Trilla Gracia Barcelona

Explore the best shops in the Gracia district

In Barcelona’s Gracia district, as well as architectural highlights, you can also find designer, eco-friendly, exclusive and well-known brands, such as Cashmere, Ana Angulo, Prada, Versace and Valentino, among many others.

More affordable brands, such as Desigual, H&M, Mango, Zara and Bershka are also to be found in Barcelona’s Gracia district. We told you there was a bit of everything! So much so that good taste is not only limited to textiles.

The Gracia district has plenty of options for choosing from the best jewellery, shoes, bookshops and decoration shops.

These are just a few examples!

Eco-friendly fashion in GreenLifeStyle

The first ecological and organic clothing shop in Spain.

It is located in the Gracia district as a reflection of its commitment to sustainable living, alternative culture, and support for ecological initiatives.

Fresh designs at Ladyloquita

All the pieces you can find at Ladyloquita are characterised by their affordable prices.

However, their particularity lies in the design, as all of them are born in the minds of young designers and find their place in the market here.

Haiku Barcelona: the most unlikely

A shop selling items connected with Japan: gifts, books and workshops on Japanese, origami and bookbinding, among others.

Handmade jewellery at Locura Cotidiana

It offers unique pieces of jewellery at reasonable prices. You can also choose one and customise it any way you like, making it even more exclusive.

street barrio gracia barcelona

Gastronomic experiences in Barcelona's Gracia district

As well as spectacular places to stop for a bite to eat, such as Bar Brut or Bar Casi, the Gracia district in Barcelona offers a host of gastronomic experiences of all kinds.

La Granja Armengol

The Armengol Farm has a wide variety of products: fresh milk, cheeses, yoghurts and cakes; all produced with milk that contains Beta Casein A2, because it comes from happy free-range cows.

La enoteca Celler Can Dani

You can find the best selection of Catalan wines at Celler Can Dani. They make up 60% of their catalogue, but there is also room for cavas and premium spirits. Tastings and wine pairings are also available here.

La oleoteca Oli sal

Here you will find products related to olive oil, from culinary to cosmetics. In this olive oil shop (oleoteca) they organise tastings of varieties, such as arbequina, cornicabra, carrasqueña or argudell.

Tea Centre of Barcelona

The perfect place to enjoy a nice cup of tea or buy high-quality tea in bulk.

restaurant bar gracia barcelona

Enjoy Barcelona's Gracia district with a side of culture

The Gracia district in Barcelona has festivals and a very diverse cultural offering for all ages and tastes. The calendar of venues, theatres, museums, and cinemas is always packed.

In establishments such as Heliogàbal, El Col-leccionista, Rockandrolla or La Casa de la Música de Gràcia you can enjoy live music of all kinds: indie, jazz, blues, rock and also concerts by local artists. The Teatre Lliure de Gràcia has a varied programme of plays, monologues and various performances, as does the Cine Verdi, which offers independent and arthouse films.

It’s also worth checking out the programme at La Violeta de Gracia Cultural Centre, where there are often workshops and exhibitions. And the best festival in the Gracia district? The Festa Major de Gràcia which takes place between the 15th and 31st of August and completely transforms the streets. Not to be missed!

Come and discover the Gracia district!

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