How to book an apartment?

  1. Make your reservation: hoose among our apartments the one you like the most and the one that fits your needs. Enter the dates and the number of guests and then proceed to book.
  2. Make the payment: When you book an apartment you must make an initial prepayment, you can do this with a credit card.
  3. Confirmation of your reservation: We will send you an email with the confirmation of your reservation.
  4. Payment of the remaining amount: At the moment of the delivery of keys by Key Inn Apartments and the entrance of the guests, there will be a payment of the total amount of the hired accommodation. For more convenience you can make the payment with the credit card at the terminals that will be provided to the clients or the rest of the payment will be made by cash.

Will I receive information about my reservation immediately?

Yes, you will have confirmation of the reservation. From time to time, we will need to verify the availability but we will inform you if there is a clash.

How can I change my reservation?

If you need to change your reservation, please contact us through indicating what you need to modify and we will respond in the quickest time to resolve it.

Can I book by phone or mail?

It is not possible to make a reservation by email because we need your credit card information and it is not recommended to send account details over email for security purposes. If you prefer, you can make your reservation by phone, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose the best apartment on our website.

I am travelling with children, how can I include them in the reservation?

In all reservations with Key Inn Apartments, as an adult, any client that is lodged that is greater than two years. Children under two years old stay for free. When you enter the number of people at the start of the reservation, do not take into account the number of minors as this will be indicated at a later section in the reservation process.

How do I pay for my reservation

  1. Prepayment: To formalize a reservation of any of the accommodations of Key Inn Apartments it is necessary to pay in advance a part of the total amount of the stay. For the convenience of our guests, payment can be made by credit card.
  2. Remaining payment At the moment of the handing over of the keys and the entry of the guests, the remaining payment will be made (final cost less advance payment) of the total amount of the hired accommodation. For more convenience you can make the payment with the credit cards or make the rest of the payment in cash. The local tourist tax of € 2.48 + VAT per adult and night and applicable from 17 years of age, this will be paid in cash or by credit card during the check-in process of the customers.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards or cash.

Where can I see the address of my apartment?

In Key Inn Apartments we inform about the location of each of our apartments using the Google Maps application. Also, in the confirmation of your reservation it will indicate where is the exact address.

Is the cleaning service included in the price?

No, in addition to the rental price, a cleaning fee of between € 60 and € 200 is paid according to the apartment features. The apartment will be cleaned upon your arrival so you can enjoy it.

Does the price include towels and bedsheets?

Yes, all of our apartments have towels and bedsheets for all guests included in the price.

What utensils are in the kitchen?

All of our apartments are fully equipped with the following: fridge, oven, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, blender, toaster and all kinds of household items.

Is there a hairdryer in the bathroom?

Yes, in all of our apartments there is a hair dryer.

Will I be in contact with Key Inn Apartments since the payment until the day of check in?

Of course. Key Inn Apartments will send reminder emails before the entranceof the guests. Also, whenever you want or need any type of information you can contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp.

What is the deposit?

At the time of delivery of keys by Key Family Apartments and the entry of guests to the accommodation, a deposit by card will be requested as a guarantee of damage to the property or its content whose value will amount between 300 and 1000 euros. The deposit can not be paid in cash or with an American Express card.

What would the deposit be used for?

Deposit of the deposit would be used in very specific cases. If the rules of coexistence with the neighbourhood and / or excessive noise is detected in common areas or in the interior of the apartment outside the marked times. If the apartment is not delivered in optimal cleaning conditions and therefore there is excess dirt. Or if he / she guests lose their keys and / or for this reason the lock must be changed for reasons of security.

Can I leave the apartment if my behaviour is not adequate or I do not comply with the rules and regulations supplied by Key Inn Apartments?

Yes. Regretting having to make decisions of this type, Key inn Apartments reserves the right to terminate the rental contract without the right to any refund, if the guest behaviour does not meet the standards set. In addition, help from the relevant police authorities to enforce that purpose.

Can I request a refund or compensation in case of noise coming from outside the property?

No. Key Inn Apartments is responsible for the noise that is made inside the apartment and to avoid them there are standards designed for that purpose. But in no case is it responsible for noise from outside such as floors, apartments, common areas or public spaces.

What time can I enter and at what time should I leave the apartment?

By default and unless otherwise indicated in the description of the contracted services,

  • Arrival time: from 1:00 p.m. (Before 1:00 PM subject to availability and Under petition).
  • Maximum departure time: 11.00h. (For departures after 11.00 on request and subject to availability and with extra cost of € 30).

Where and when will I receive the keys?

We will give you the keys upon your arrival at the apartment. We ask you inform us in advance of the time of your arrival and that you call us 30 minutes before. You can call us on +34 697216863.

Should I do something if something goes wrong during my stay?

In case of having any doubt or incidence do not hesitate to call us at our 24h phone so we can help you.