Are you familiar with Barcelona’s Festas de Gràcia? It’s quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated event of the year for both locals and visitors, and for good reason.

This popular festival takes place from the 15th to the 21st of August and is always full of activities such as concerts, workshops and shows. However, the most eagerly awaited event is the street decoration competition, in which all the locals take part, decorating the streets and squares of the Gràcia district around the same theme.

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The origins and evolution of the Festa de Gràcia

Nowadays, Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia is held in the second half of August, coinciding with the warm Barcelona summer. However, back in the 19th century, the Festa de Gràcia was held on 15 May to coincide with Saint Isidro’s Day, in a springtime atmosphere that was very different from today’s. 

It’s unknown exactly what the reason for the change of date was, but several theories try to explain it. One theory suggests that Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia was moved to August to share the day with the Assumption of the Virgin, an important date in the Catholic calendar, thus adding a stronger religious significance to the festival.

Another argument could be that August is traditionally a holiday month, which meant that more people were able to attend the festivities than in May.

Whatever the reason, Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia, as we know it today, is in August.


The highlights of Festa de Gràcia 2024: activities and events

The Festa de Gràcia in Barcelona is designed to appeal to everyone. Plenty of activities exist for children, young people, adults and the elderly.

There are concerts, dances, workshops, popular cuisine, competitions and activities of all kinds. So many that in 2023 there were more than 900. Impressive, eh?

Food trucks, live music, parades, a foam party, singing of Habaneras and Cremats, the ‘Diada Castellera’, games for the little ones, an open-air cinema, the reading of the proclamation and many more.

That’s why thousands of people appreciate the Festa de Gràcia in Barcelona so much. It’s the perfect place to learn all about the tradition, gastronomy and dedication of the Catalans to their customs and beliefs.

Street decoration: an unrivalled visual spectacle

The street decoration competition is clearly the star of Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia.

It’s more than a competition; it’s a creative challenge where you get to witness the enthusiasm of the locals to decorate the streets around the same theme, all in an effort to win the coveted prize for the most beautiful street.

Last year 23 streets were decorated, all with recycled materials, their own designs and all with hand-made elements. Each street or square is transformed into a true work of art and, together, they form an open-air museum not to be missed. In fact, it’s the perfect time to explore the Gràcia district, if you haven’t already.

You can also participate in choosing the best street or square. With the official Barcelona Festa de Gràcia app you can vote for the one that’s stolen your heart.

And there’s more! If you love photography, you can take part in the accompanying competition that will award prizes to those who take the best snapshots of the festivities.


How to make the most of the Festa de Gràcia in 2024

Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia is completely free. The streets and squares are open to anyone who wants to explore them and all the activities are free to enter.

You’ll only have to pay for what you eat in any of the bars, restaurants or stalls in the Gràcia district, which we recommend. The local restaurants in the Gràcia district are ideal for sampling the local gastronomy, where you can enjoy popular dishes, such as ‘butifarrada’ (a type of sausage), tapas of anchovies, squid or ‘buñuelos’ (a type of fried doughnut). There’s plenty of variety to choose from.

But the main thing you need to know to make the most of your trip to Barcelona and the Festa de Gràcia is the official programme of activities. There you’ll find timetables, exact locations and descriptions of the activities, so you won’t miss any of your favourites.

But here’s a heads up that these locations will be at the heart of the action:

  • Streets: de Providència, Joan Blanques, de la Perla, Sant Antoni, Ciutat Real, Puigmartí, Maspons, Berga, Mozart, Jesús, Fraternitat, Progres, Llibertat and Perill.
  • Plazas: de Rovira i Trias, Poble Romaní and Vila de Gràcia.

And Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia doesn’t end there. If you go to Plaça Raspall, you can enjoy the ‘Festa Major Alternativa’, an event held in parallel to the Festa de Gràcia with a more cultural and creative focus on minorities. Here you can find talks, debates and concerts by less commercial artists, among many other things.

What’s most important if you want to enjoy the Festa de Gràcia is that you manage to get there. And we’ll make it easy for you. You can get there by metro lines 3 and 4 or by bus lines 22, 24, 39, 114, 116, V17 and V19.

Don't miss the Festa de Gràcia 2024

With everything you’ve just read, we guess you’re looking forward to enjoying Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia. We’ve told you how to get there, where to find out about all the activities on offer at Barcelona’s Festa de Gràcia and also what its main attraction is, the decorated streets and squares competition.

But there is one thing we‘ve left out, and that is that you can stay with us, just a few metres away from these beautiful streets. So, whatever happens, you’ll be surrounded by the essence of the Festa de Gràcia. You’ll have a refuge close by where you can rest, take a shower or simply not have to worry about things like parking, how to get there by public transport or having a drink.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then take a look at the holiday accommodation we have at Key Inn Barcelona and come and discover the Gràcia district at its best, during the festivities.